Herbert Mast, who lives constantly next to the mairie since October 2004, is an artist and member of the city council.
He proposed the council to organize an exhibition, the third exhibition is scheduled for October 2017 in the village hall.
He has the Dutch nationality but was born in South America (Paramaribo, Suriname) with the French as neighbors (French Guiana).
He speaks several languages and therefore this page translations are in French, English and Dutch, by clicking the flag:
Exhibition august 2015 Le Jardin
Herbert has retired, but art is and remains his passion.
Blason Servon
At Servon
A 'trompe l'oeil' was painted on an electrical transformerhouse to better integrate in the historic center.
The style of his work is realistic, hyperrealistic.
He is inspired by nature in its immediate vicinity and by life itself.
The topics vary widely, portraits, landscapes,
cityscapes, nudes and miscellaneous.
On his virtual gallery you can see everything here at a glance.
Herbert also works on commission (eg little rascal or the lake)
Also in the Corrèze has repeatedly shows his work in real life
as in Egletons, Champagnac la Noaille, Le Lonzac,
St Ybard, but also right next door: Le Jardin.
Limousin cows
Poor farmer with cow
In addition to his painting, he is also very interested in computer science and therefore he uses modern features in our internet age. Making multiple sites is the result thereof.
In addition to the making of this site he has created a virtual art gallery (, which provides additional information on an exhibition by using the mobile phone.
Last year it was tested in the exhibition of LE JARDIN (see article) and also this year artists can make use of this.
New is that QRcodes given directly all information about a work of art and the artist, as the code shown (besides a painting) is scanned with the smartphone.
An artist can even speak to the visitor directly via the smartphone by explaining a painting as he or she sees if it fits.

ART OBJECT: Pumping station
At the request of the mayor and after approval of the city council a (water) pump station-house in Marcouyeux will be painted this year.
Herbert has drafted a design in consultation with young people from Egletons (topic: water) and will realize this together with them.
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Exhibition Le Jardin 2016
In the village of LE JARDIN the Village Council organizes this year an exhibition of paintings for the 2nd time. The artists participating are Michel Lecomte, Monique Brizard, Yann Argentin and Herbert Mast (councilor and painter).

The date is 13-27 August 2016
Location: Salle polyvalente at the Mairie

New is that all data can be retrieved with the mobile phone with a QR code for each painting. The artist information can also be retrieved with a QR code and the artist can be contacted directly by phone, SMS, email and even by Skype.
The opening is on Saturday 13 August 2016 at 5:30 pm
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